Lucky Charms

Talismanic jewels and amulets have a rich history, but they’re also having a major—and modern—fashion moment.


VIENNA. The capital city of Austria might provoke associations with the legendary Mozart and Wiener Schnitzel and the infamous coffeehouses that bred the city’s intelligentsia like Gustave Klimt and Freud. Wrong? No, but Vienna has become a unique place that provides the old-world civility and compassion fitted to a modern decor. Right next to the traditional Viennese Cafes one finds a plenty of flamboyant boutiques; bustling a high variety of fashion surprises. From avant-garde to modern, casual or trendy ready- to-wear, these designers are making a strong case for Austria’s booming creative scene.

Nathan Ozee: making it big in the iranian film industry

After 2 years of working as a model/actor in the Vancouver Film and Fashion World, here I am. A 28-year old bachelor, being molded into the World of Iranian Films. I guess it was the right look, the right background and the right time. I am excited. I am nervous. But most of all I am curious. Curious to discover a culture that is actually my own.

H&M – And It´s Online!

Canadian consumers and fast fashion enthusiasts can rejoice at the fact that they can now make their H&M purchases from the comfort of their own homes. Up to this point, Canadian fans of the fast fashion giants had to be physically present at the brand’s various locations in order to make their purchases.

More than meets the eye: Fashion week from east to west

PLITZS is a production marketing company based out of the Fashion district in Manhattan New York. The compa- ny produces fashion shows during New York’s esteemed fashion week. More recently, the company has diversified internationally. By partnering with agencies in Beijing, Pa- ris and North Carolina, PLITZS now has a global influence.

Mutant silkworms: spin fluorescent silk in 3 colors

SILKWORMS in a Japanese lab are busy spinning silks that glow in the dark. But these silkworms, unlike others that have been fed rainbow-colored dyes, don’t need any dietary interventions to spin in color: They’ve been gene- tically engineered to produce fluorescent skeins in shades of red, orange, and green.

A universal language that connects us all

FASHION. Many years ago this was a much more struc- tured industry and designers approached their work in an entirely different way. What was in each season was dictated by elite labels located in European fashion capi- tals. Everyone else just followed their lead. Non-European designers had to fight the misconception that they were merely home sewers and any who tried to step outside the lines had a tough road ahead.